21st PublicUniversities forum hosted at Injibara University.

Injibara University hosted the 21st Forum of Public Universities found in Amhara National Regional State, from January 11th – 12th 2020 G.C at FBE seminar hall.

Welcoming the guests, Professor Berhanu Belay, President of Injibara University, said that the forum of public universities found in Amhara Region exerts effort to work in collaboration with an administrative units of regional government for the shared development issues. To capacitate the region in developing policies, conducting problem solving researches, serving the community and transferring technologies which are helpful to the community for exterminating poverty, is the main goal of the forum.

Moreover, the president presented overview of Injibara University starting from its foundation stage to its current status and recognized the Awi society for their contribution on the existence of the university.

Dr. Abate Getahun, Wollo University President and chairman of the forum, chaired the session. Representatives of academic vice presidents, the research and community service vice presidents and the administrative vice presidents presented their 2nd quarter   reports of the year. Based on the reports presented, the participants raised questions, forwarded their suggestions and opinions.

Finally, the two days forum ended with taking assignments to give a solution for the displaced  university students and to promote and develop indigenous knowledge of the society.