Awoke Worku Dessie

Full Name Awoke Worku Dessie
Academic Rank Ass. Prof.
Education Background
  • English Diploma from Saint Mary’s University (1995 E.C -1998 E.C)
  • BEd from Bahir Dar University (1998 E.C to 2001 E.C.)
  • MA in Linguistics from Bahir Dar University (2003-2005 E.C)
Working Experience
  • Teaching in Elementary schools from July 01/1991- Nov.1999 E.C)
  • Teaching in Addis Kidam preparatory school from Nov 1999 – 05/13/2006 E.C.
  • Lecturer at University of Gondar from Sep 01/2007 –June 20/2013 E.C
  • Lecturer at Injibara University (June 2013 – present)
Research Interest Socio-Linguistics and descriptive aspects of languages.
  • The Complexity of cases and nominal morphology in Awngi Language of Ethiopia

College of Social Science and Humanities, Injibara University

Tele: +251918819991