List of Current Senate Members of Injibara University

No. Full Name Position Date of Membership


Gardachew Worku Fekadu (PhD)


President and Chairman of the Senate 01/06/2021 to Present
Administrative Vice President 24/01/2017 to 31/05/2021
2 Aemiro Tadesse Tiku (PhD) Academic Vice President and Vice Chairman of the Senate 28/08/2021 to Present
Academic and Research Vice President and Vice Chairman of the Senate 01/06/2017 to 27/08/2021
3 Wohabie Berhan (PhD) Administrative and Student Affairs Vice President 11/10/2021 to Present
4 Kindie Berhan (PhD) Research and Community Service Vice President 31/12/2020 to Present
Academic Affairs Director 11/11/2019  to 31/12/2020
5 Abrham Amare (MD, Orthopedic Surgeon) Dean of College of Medicine and Health Science 28/07/2022 to Present
6 Aderaw Kassa Finance and Budget Director 08/07/2020 to Present
7 Alem Amsalu (PhD) Education and Behavioral Science College Dean 30/11/2021 to Present
8 Aragaw Delele Dean of social Science and Humanities College 11/11/2019 to Present
9 Ashenafi Mihiret (Asst. Prof) Continuing and Distance Education Director 30/11/2022 to Present
10 Begizew Abebe Facility Management Director 14/10/2017 to Present
11 Belay Zeleke (PhD) Director of Student Services 11/09/2021 to Present
12 Berhanu Assaye (Asst. Prof.) Institute of Agaw Studies 21/7/2021 to Present
13 Dawud Omer Information Communication Technology Director 07/02/2022 to Present
14 Debritu Minayehu Women, Children and Youth Affairs Director 09/04/2021 to Present
15 Demeke Alene College of Engineering and Technology Dean 30/11/2022 to Present
16 Dessalw Getahun Ethics and Anti-corruption Director 08/06/2021 to Present
Reform and Good Governance Director 25/06/2018 to 07/06/2021
17 Endegena Amare Gebeye Legal Service Director 30/12/2017 to Present
18 Esubalew Sinte (PhD) Director of Postgraduate Programs 30/11/2022 to Present
19 Feleke Worku President of Injibara University Teachers Association 28/01/2022 to Present
20 Getaye Mulugeta Dean of First Year Students 19/10/2019 to present
21 Getnet Ayalew Tessema Dean of School of Law 11/10/2021 to Present
22 Habtamu Admass (PhD) Dean of College of Agriculture, Food Climate Sciences 11/10/2021 to Present
23 Habtamu Tilahun Human Resource Management and Development Director 07/08/2017 to Present
24 Habtamu Zegeye (PhD) Academic Affairs Director 30/11/2022 to Present
College of Natural and Computational Science Dean 4/12/2020 to 30/11/2022
25 Hailu Mekonnen Internal Audit Director 12/09/2019 to Present
26 Kassu Hailu Ketema Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Director 08/07/2018 to Present
27 Lingerew Atinkut Zegeye College of Business and Economics Dean 11/10/2017 to Present
28 Melkam Abate Lemma (Asst. Prof.) Community Service Director 19/10/2019 to Present
29 Tessera Bitew (PhD) Research and Publication Director 30/11/2022 to Present
30 Tilahun Yenew Procurement and Purchasing Director 09/05/2020 to Present
31 Yenework Belayneh Director of Library and Documentation 09/04/2021 to Present
32 Yimer Chekol Registrar and Alumni Directorate 28/07/2021 to Present
33 Yirga Tadesse Nigussie Public and Foreign Relation Director 09/04/2021 to Present
34 Yohannes Guade Student Union President  
35 Zeleke Workneh (Asst. Prof) Education Quality Assurance Enhancement and Auditing Director 19/10/2019 to Present