Departments In Postgraduate

Postgraduate Program Directorate Office

The office is established as of September 2021 to facilitate and run postgraduate programs. Specifically, the office has the following responsibilities:

  1. Oversee, coordinate an monitor all the graduate programs of the university.
  2. In collaboration with respective academic units initiate and monitor the development and review of postgraduate programs and curricula.
  3. Follow up the students’ progress from admission to graduation.
  4. Create database, analyze and interpret the data on Postgraduate programs and report the results.
  5. Promotes graduate programs.
  6. Follow up the availability of all the necessary educational inputs
  7. Prepares capacity building programs for postgraduate students and staff.
  8. Checks graduation requirements in addition to requirements already set by the respective departments.
  9. Works, in collaboration with academic units, to fulfill qualified staff for graduate programs.
  10. Coordinate multi-disciplinary postgraduate programs

At university level we have successfully accomplished curriculum validation workshop to launch 13 areas of specialization in regular and extension (weekend) programs in 2021/22 academic calendar.

Currently available areas of specialization at master’s level;

  1. Masters of Business Administration (MBA)
  2. Sc. in Accounting & Finance
  3. MA in Teaching English as Foreign Language (TEFL)
  4. MA in Urban & Regional Planning
  5. Sc. in Environmental and Natural Resource Management
  6. MA in Counseling Psychology
  7. MA in Developmental Psychology
  8. MA in Special Needs and Inclusive Psychology
  9. MA in Educational Planning & Management (EDPM)
  10. Sc. in Ecology and Systematic Zoology
  11. Sc. in Numerical Analysis
  12. Sc. in Watershed Management
  13. Sc. in Soil Science