Ethics and Anti-corruption Directorate

Injibara University Ethics and Anti-Corruption Directorate was reorganized in 2021 in accordance with the Directive No. 20/2021 (መመሪያ ቁጥር 20/2013) of the FDRE Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission. The major aims of the Directorate include building the ethics and moral values ​​of the university’s members of the management and the staff; preventing corruption and malpractice; creating a transparent and accountable system in the university; mobilizing the university’s community to combat corruption; consulting the university management on ethics building and anti-corruption issues.

To meet the above mentioned aims, the directorate has the following duties and responsibilities.

1) Provide training to staff and officials on ethics building, corruption prevention strategies and related issues.

2) Study the systems that are prone to corruption and malpractice; recommend solution and monitor their implementation,

3) Identify conflict of interest disputes that emanate from duties of execution, control and decision-making practices; and recommend solutions and monitor their implementation.

4) Organize, register, and update the officials’ and the staffs’ asset registration in accordance with the Directive.

5) Prepare, approve, and monitor the code of conduct of the university.

6) Disseminate ethics and anti-corruption messages prepared by the Commission and the directorate through regular and social media.

7) Receive reports of alleged corruption and take preventive measures

8) In collaboration with the concerned bodies, create an anti-corruption movement.