Injibara University began producing and dispatching hand cleaning sanitizers

The university has produced and dispatched 5,600 liters of sanitizers whose estimated cost is about 2.3 million, on June 12, 2020.

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When the pandemic started its expansion in our country, the university decided to supply the important ingredients of sanitizer production, and chemistry department lecturers and laboratory workers of the university took the responsibility, and worked day and night in a bottomless effort to produce sanitizers with the standards of the Word Health Organization (WHO).

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In his visiting, Prof. Berhanu Belay, president of the university explained that it was not possible to produce the sanitizers within the time planned because of shortage of ethanol in the market. However, giving due attention for it, the institution purchased the inputs needed to produce sanitizers. In the event, the president passed his appreciation and acknowledgement to the chemistry department lecturers and laboratory workers who participated actively in the process of sanitizer production in the laboratory.       

Dr. Aemro Tadesse, the Academic and Research Vice President of the university, also told in the visiting time that the sanitizer production is among the activities that the university is doing to reduce the expansion and risk of the pandemic. He further notified that the production will be continued.

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On the dispatching ceremony, Dr. Gardachew Worku, the Administrative and Development V/President of the university said that the university is serving as a quarantine, testing and treatment center of COVID-19 pandemic. He also assured that the University will continue supporting the society to combat COVID-19. Meanwhile, the sanitizer is distributed for Hospitals, Health stations, Security forces, Prisoners and selected groups who are vulnerable to the virus.