INU’s Senate Approved Academic Promotions.

Injibara University’s Senate approved the academic promotions of three academic staffs in a regular meeting held September 2, 2020.

1) Gardachew Worku Fekadu (PhD), from College of Business and Economics, Department of Accounting and Finance, promoted to the academic rank of Associate Professor

2) Bulti Kumera Fufa, from College of Natural and Computational Science, Department of Biology, promoted to the academic rank of Assistant Professor.

3) Zeleke Workneh Ayele, from College of Social Science and Humanities, Department of English Language and Literature, promoted to the academic rank of Assistant Professor.

Gardachew Worku Fekadu (Associate Professor)  
Bultu Kumera Fufa (Assistant Professor)
Zeleke Workneh Ayele   (Assistant Professor)

The senate assessed the academic staffs based on their work experience, effective teaching, research publication, community service participation and working in different activities in the university affairs to promote to Associate and Assistant professorship.