Members of Soka University and Bahir Dar University visit Injibara University

Members of Soka University, university in Japan and Bahir Dar University representatives visit Injibara University on March 4, 2020.

President of Injibara University, Professor Berhanu Belay, welcomed the guests and gave explanation about the main gate university, Kossober.  In his explanation, he mentioned that the main gate is named as ‘Kossober gate’ to remind the former name of the town and keep it unforgettable.

The guests visited the green development which is given due attention and greatly changed the physical appearance of the university, the two water sources of the university, the nursery site and the natural science laboratory.

During the visit, Berhanu Belay (Prof.) and other concerned IU members were giving explanation about each of the places mentioned. They described on how each started, progressed and reached to the level they are now within two and half years, which is the age of the university.


Tatsuki Toda, Professor at Soka University, said Injibara University is progressing very well and has made great changes within short period of time. He also congratulated the University for its success.