National Symposium on Awi Culture, Language and History

Injibara University in collaboration with Awi Administrative Zone organized National symposium on Awi Culture, Language and History on January 31,2020 at Awi zone administration Multipurpose Hall.

The symposium was organized as part of the annual festival of the “Sebat Betet Agew Horse Riders Association”. The Horse riders association was celebrated for 80th times at Injibara town main stadium. Eight research papers in relation to Awi culture, history and language were deliberated for audiences drawn from universities, research institutions, government offices and the private sectors.

Professor Berhanu Belay, President of Injibara University, in his opening speech reiterated that, the University has the responsibility of promoting Awi culture, history and language.  It was also emphasized that, there is urgent need to document, develop and promote the Indigenous knowledge of Awi community. The president pledged further that Injibara University will provide a continuous support to the zonal administration as part of its effort of promoting the culture and the language of the Awi people. The unique cultural events practiced over years in the zone can attract domestic and international tourists which can contribute to job creation and cultural promotion.

The key notes speaker of the conference, Mr. Obang Meto, the founder and executive director of Solidarity Movement for a New Ethiopia, noted that, we, Ethiopians need two important things. Principles of valuing humanity and then establishing a system to protect humanity are key to sustain security, peace and prosperity.

Different scholars and researchers presented their research findings regarding Awi culture, indigenous knowledge, history of Sebat Bet Agew Horse Riders Association and Awingi Language.

The symposium was concluded by awarding certificate of recognition to intellectuals for extraordinary contribution to the social and economic development of the Awi community. The recognition certificate was awarded, by Ato Bayinesagn Zerihun, Awi Zone Administrator.

The intellectuals recognized by the Awi zone Administration include:

  1. Prof Getinet Taddele, Professor of Socilology from Addis Ababa University
  2. Prof Berhanu Belay, founding President of Injibara University
  3. Adamu Aniley, Human Bridge East African Representative
  4. Solomon Belay, General Director, Ethiopian Space
  5. Ato Alene Admas, Entrepreneur