Postgraduate Program Directorate

Injibara University is one of the fourth generation universities established in the second Growth and Transformation Plan in 2015. According to the classification of universities by the Ministry of Education, it is a comprehensive university. It started teaching with 4 colleges and 22 departments in 2018 in the undergraduate programs.

Currently, the University is running about 44 Postgraduate and 58 Undergraduate programs. Regarding the postgraduate program, it is currently teaching about 938 graduate students in regular, extension and summer modalities.

Accordingly, the Postgraduate Program Directorate of the University is working hard to escalate graduate programs based on assessment to make the university's mission and vision successful.

Mission of the directorate is to produce graduates who can play their part in solving problems of the society and the country through teaching and problem solving research. The directorate envisions to make the university one of the top comprehensive universities in the country in producing graduate students that have high quality in teaching and in conducting problem solving research in 2030.