The first national research conference was held


The two-day research conference, organized by Injibara University on "Tolerance and Cooperation for Sustainable Peace and Prosperity in Ethiopia and the Awi Language, Culture and History", was concluded with a two-day conference.

On the 2nd day of the conference, research on Awigua language and media was presented and discussed.Speaking at the end of the conference, Injibara University President, Dr. Gardachew Worku, said the university will take responsibility for implementing the issues presented in the conference. He said the university has opened an Awi language, culture and history institute in addition to the department of Awi language, focusing on Awi language, culture and history. During the two-day national research conference, 13 research papers were presented and participants said that the conference was more than expected. In his closing remarks, author, poet, playwright and translator Gash Ayalneh Mulatu praised the research that has been done in this way at the university level and said that such a forum has made a significant contribution to the way out of the crisis in our country. Finally, a certificate was presented to the researchers who presented the research, and the donor, Ayaleneh Mulatu, presented a gift of a tail and a robe, a symbol of Awi culture.

The conference participants visited the campus and the program was successfully completed.

May 28, 2022, Injibara University