College of Agriculture, Food, Environment and Climate Science


College of Agriculture, Food, Environment and Climate Science (CAFECS) was established in 2018 with six departments. The college is dedicated to advancing agricultural development through education, research, community engagement, advisory and technology transfer. The college trains at graduate and undergraduate levels in broad areas of agriculture, food, environment and climate science. Currently, CAFECS runs over 9 bachelor and 2 master programs. CAFCS has 74 academic staff, 6 technical assistants and 5 supportive staff. The size of students in the college for the 2021/22 is 457.

The college seeks to be one of the leading agricultural colleges in Ethiopia and renowned in the Africa and thereby contributing its share to the realization of Injibara University’s vision by 2030. The research and community service thematic areas of the college are Food Security, Livelihood Improvement, Environment and Climate Change. The college aspires to excel in Improving Soil Fertility/Acidity, Plant and Animal Breeding, and Greenery.

Strategic issues of the college are the following.

1. Staff capacity building;

2.Enhancing under and postgraduate programs;

3.Quality education and relevance;

4.Problem solving and quality scientific research, demand driven community service and technology transfer works;

5.Practical teaching-learning process via laboratories, demonstrations, tissue culture and field visits;


7.Improving internal revenue via fund raising, project development, continuous education and demonstration works;

8.Greenery and learning watershed development;

9.Agricultural/Farm projects;

10.Improving soil acidity problems and soil erosion;

11.Partnership and linkages;

12.Communication and staff motivation via competitive awards; and

13.Good governance.

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Habtamu Admas Desta (PhD)



Tel:  +251-13489307


Fentanesh Animut

Vice Dean 

Tel:  +25194 124 2040


Yonas Derebe

Research and Community Service Coordinator


Tel: +251915689191