College of Business and Economics

Background of Business and Economics College

College of Business and Economics is among the founded colleges of Injibara University opened in 2017. It started to teach 411 regular under graduate students starting from December 2018 by employing 18 Male academic staffs. During this time the pioneering departments of the college were Accounting & Finance, Economics, Hotel Management, Management and Marketing Management. Now, two additional departments namely; Public Administration & Development Management and Tourism Management have been opened based on the need of the community and the country at large. The college has expanded the undergraduate teaching and learning in to extension modality under three departments Accounting & Finance, Economics and Management. Besides, in order to address the wide need of the community, the college has started two post graduate programs in two departments under the specialization of MSc in Accounting and Finance and MBA (Master of Business Administration) and MSc in Developmental Economics is under the process to be opened.

Until 2021 academic year, two graduation ceremony for undergraduate students have been prepared and 380(250 Male & 130 Female) and 390 (240 Male &  150 Female) students have graduated from the college in the first and second graduation ceremonies, respectively.

Currently, the college has enrolling more than 2113 undergraduate students in regular and extension program and a total of 115 post graduate students  using 56 (45 Male & 11 Female) academic staffs of which 47 are on duty and 9 are on study leave. Among these staffs one is Associate Professor, two are assistant professor, 45 are lecturers 4 are assistant lecturers and 4 are graduate assistants. Among nine on study leave staffs, four are attending PHD programs and the other five are attending their MA programs.

In addition to teaching and learning, the college has been highly engaging in research and community service. We are stretched all possible ways to exploit maximum effort of our staff to use their knowledge and skills for the sake of upgrading the performance of students as well as the well-being of the community. Parallel with the teaching-learning process, staffs of the college are active in developing different research proposals and conducting researches, preparing modules and conducting seminars.  Regarding to the community service, the college have tried to address all requests from different bodies of the community besides to the tranings and interventions developed and given by staffs. Moreover, the college has arranged different trainings to academic and administrative staffs of the college based on their request in order to fill their knowledge and skill gap and enhance their capacity.

College of Business and Economics

  • Department of Accounting and Finance
  • Department of Economics
  • Department of Management
  • Department of Hotel and Tourism
  • Department Marketing Management