Student Service Directorate

Brief history The expansion of public universities in Ethiopia in the last two decades has enabled the establishment of Injibara University in 2010 E.C. The University began its operation of learning and teaching with total of 1252 students in four faculties and 22 departments on November 13, 2010E.C.
In all these journeys of the University, students’ services directorate, as one pivotal part, has been providing services for more than 2400 students in one campus.
Overall Objective> • To ensure that Injibara University (IU) shall deliver its students 24 hours accessible, disability sensitive, gender sensitive, timely, standard and quality basic services.
Students’ service directorate, which is one of the directorates in Injibara University, has six service sections and assists student union.
These are: the students’ cafeteria, the students’ health service, the students’ dormitory service, the guidance and counseling service, the sport and recreation service and discipline and clubs service. As this directorate aims at satisfying students in serving and delivering their basic requirements, the following are its duties and responsibilities in general and of each section in particular.
1. Students’ Cafeteria Currently, our cafeteria is serving more than 2300 students excluding non-cafes. To serve all these students, we have a total of 203 workers. Specifically we have 191 outsource workers and 12 permanent workers. The specific services given at students’ cafeteria are: • Food preparation, • Food service Generally, the students’ cafeteria as one of the section in the directorate creates a good job opportunity for unemployed individuals and is attempting to minimize unemployment rate.
2. Students’ Dormitory Service Currently, the students’ dormitory service section is delivering a dormitory service for 2400 students excluding those living out of the campus. To facilitate the required dormitory service for the customers, there are 27 workers of these 24 are out source workers and the remaining 3 are permanent workers. There are also 46 outsourced dormitory cleaners.
The duties and responsibilities of this section are: • Offering neat and suitable bed
• Following up and inspecting handling of administrative properties
• Inspecting the students’ peace and security
The arrangement of the ratio of dormitory and students is 1:6(one dorm for 6 students only for 2011 E.C).
3. Students’ Health Service This section is playing a great role in creating healthy and academically effective students by performing what is expected of it. Particularly, the duties and responsibilities of this department are listed as follows.
• Examining patients/Laboratory examination
• offering medicines/tablets
• Injecting and treating wounded patients
• Ambulance services
• Referral service
• Condom Distribution
• Adolescent and youth reproductive Health Service
In addition to executing the above tasks, the department is responsible for:
• Following up sanitation of water • Following up and inspecting teachers’, administrative workers’ and students lounges concerning sanitation
• Keeping the attractiveness/ beauty of the university
• Following up and inspecting the students’ dormitory hygiene
• Examination of the health status of Students’ Cafeteria workers
Generally, to perform the above duties and responsibilities effectively, the clinic has a total of 14 workers 2 health officers, 2 BSC nurses, 1clinical nurse, 3 laboratory technicians, 3pharmacy technicians, 1 pharmacy store man, and 2 card service workers.
4. Sport and Recreation Service This department has one expert and has the following duties and responsibilities.
• Allowing students to make sport competitions at department and faculty level
• Making students to get DSTV service
• Allowing students participate in different sport festivals of Universities through identifying and giving them training
• Following up and inspecting teachers’, administrative workers’ and students lounges concerning sanitation and service provision
5. Discipline and clubs service
The duties and responsibilities of this section are:
• Creating awareness for students regarding discipline cases,
• Arbitrating discipline cases of the students who did something wrong
• Allowing and creating any opportunity for students participate in different clubs via fulfilling the basic facilities
• Permitting the head of each club to develop ground rules and letting him/her to present it
• Making decision on serious discipline cases in cooperation with discipline committee
• Being the part of celebrations celebrated by the university
6. Guidance and Counseling service The general role undertaken by the counselors’/ experts is guiding and counseling students when they face academic and personal/social challenges, and making them academically effective throughout their stay in the institution.
Specifically, this section is responsible for undertaking the following tasks.
1. Promote & advocate Guidance & Counseling service for all students by using different mechanisms.
2. Deliver prevention/proactive, and developmental/empower/enrich based individual Guidance & counseling intervention service in response to student requests in specific settings and conduct structured goal-oriented counseling sessions in systematic response to identified needs of groups of students. Themes include academic skill building, social skill development, career awareness, conflict resolution, family issues and making healthy choices.
3. Consult and collaborate with teachers, academic, & administrative staffs in understanding and meeting the needs of students in the campus setting and strengthening service referral linkage.
4. Make appropriate referrals of students within service center experts and to other concerned professional campus teachers.
5. Provide appropriate evidence for those beneficiary client students based on the service.
6. Participate in expertise obligation of students’ disciplinary issue decision making and selection of economic support beneficiary students.
7. Participate in activities that contribute to effective operation of the university; capacitate & strengthen volunteer lay counselor & counseling agent students.
8. Use data to document the results of strategies and interventions that are used to improve students’ academic performance.
All in all, the students’ service directorate has director , a team coordinator and secretaries under each in addition to cafeteria workers, health workers, dormitory service workers, guidance and counseling service experts, sport and entertainment department expert, one discipline and clubs service expert ; totally there are 310 workers including outsource workers in the directorate.