ICT Directorate

Overview The ICT Directorate office, which is directly accountable to the university’s president, is responsible for managing the overall ICT infrastructure, services and systems within the university. It manages the data network infrastructure, service provisioning systems like Data-centers and telecommunication services for the proper functioning of the university’s intended purpose. Information and communication technology (ICT) is an accepted element in all our lives and has a central role to play in higher education. In recent times in higher education, ICT has played a significant role in streamlining university’s business processes across the university to enable fundamental needs of academic strategies and university operations internally and externally. Over the coming years, as the university is newly established the office will be engaged in the development of modern datacenter infrastructure so that the university’s business process can be automated for provisioning of essential ICT services for the university community and stakeholders.

Vision As an ICT Directorate, our commitment is primarily to make Injibara University high-tech University by providing technology that works – anytime, anywhere in all its business activities.

Mission To enable excellence in teaching, learning, research and administration across Injibara University community by delivering and supporting effective information and communication technologies through collaborative partnerships.

Core Values The ICT Directorate Office will have the following guiding principles
-Work as a team for common goal
-Govern with transparency to promote operational efficiency
-Align with the university strategic priorities
-Promote collaboration and partnerships
Organizational Structure of the directorate Information and Communication Technology Directorate Office reports to the Office of the President as it is responsible for the provision of ICT infrastructure, services, and systems for the four operational domains of Injibara University: Learning- teaching, research and innovation, community engagements and good governance. Though it is not functional as the university is at its initial establishment phase, the directorate’s structure embodies the following five operational units:
1.ICT Infrastructure and Services Unit
2.Business Applications Development and Administration Unit
3.Teaching-Learning Technologies Unit
4.ICT Support and Maintenance Unit
5.ICT Training and Consultancy Services Unit