Education Quality Assurance Enhancement and Auditing Directorate

Objectives of Education Quality Assurance, Enhancement and Auditing Directorate

The directorate is working to achieve the following objectives.

  1. To ensure quality education in Injibara University.
  2. To improve the input qualities  such as staff -student ratio, the quality of teaching staff, curriculum and learning resources
  3. To enhance the process qualities of the university
  4. To analyze how the input variables are organized and interact

The directorate has the following core activities. 

  • Identifying training needs and organize training interventions to meet quality standards;
  • Facilitate various short-term and long-term trainings to teachers.
  • Assist academic units to employ appropriate teaching, learning and assessment methods;
  • Facilitating the functioning of exam banks within every colleges;
  • Check the quality of course guidebooks/course outline in line with the given standard;
  • Facilitate academic units to document student progress and to improve student retention and achievement;
  • Collect data and analyze it to identify areas of improvement in the quality education continuously;
  • Establishing complete quality assurance structure at both college and department levels;
  • Documentation and dissemination of data related to the quality of teaching learning and assessment;
  • Audit the quality of teaching-learning, research and community service activities at the university level.
  • Evaluate the institution at least once every year with a view to ensuring whether the institution is up to standard, and document, communicate its findings to relevant stakeholders including HERQA;
  • Prepare self-assessment document of the university
  • Invite HERQA to check and publish the evaluation document of the university;
  • Standardize curriculum, assessments, input (class room facilities, libraries, workshops, laboratories, etc…);
  • Follow up the practicality or implementation of recommendations made by other external quality agency bodies;
  • Support the teaching-learning and assessment to be high quality, relevant and up to the standard;
  • Evaluate the relevance and quality of different programs and academic units of the university, and upon the finding suggest appropriate measures to be taken;
  • Issue policies, guidelines in line with the standards of input-process-outputs of teaching learning and assessment;
  • Supervise the standards and competence of the institution and its programs;
  • Design strategies for the progress evaluation of the curriculum in all programs;
  • Conduct course auditing in every semester; and customer satisfaction survey annually;