Injibara University Registrar Office is one of the operational departments of the University which are established in 2010 E.C. The Office is mainly established to manage overall students’ information from admission to graduation. The office is also dedicated to serve colleges and students by providing services of scheduling, registration, record keeping, reporting, awarding and graduation. Now, the office is using Student Information Management System (SMIS) to organize the students’ academic records.

Office of the Registrar has the following goals to achieve.

- Administering registration and scheduling process to deliver the University’s curriculum in accordance with its policies and regulations;

- Managing the maintenance and integrity of all academic records, approved curriculum, creation and maintenance of course schedules;

-Developing and maintaining Alumni information and database systems.

To achieve these goals, Office of the Registrar has the following activities.

-Planning, organizing and managing activities related to students’ academic records;

-Preparing and submitting academic calendar to the Senate and following activities accordingly;

-Processing all student course registrations and monitoring enrollment activity;

-Provision of certificates, student copies, official transcript, medium of instruction, Diplomas, Degrees to whom it may concern;

-Communication of students’ academic progress every semester;

-Preparing list of students recommended for graduation and submitting to Senate;

-Authenticate academic records;

-Executing other tasks related.


Yimer Chekol Tegegne

Chief Registrar


Tel: +251909865449


Fikrehiwot Alebachew Dagne

Registrar II


Tel: +251913408620