Injibara University has organized the Directorate of Library and Documentation to lead the activities related to the library services properly. The library renders services for the university community every day for twenty-four hours. It plays a major role in the university's academic, research, and community service activities. Hence, the Library has a mission of increasing knowledge development and creativity by mobilizing curriculum-based information sources, developing state-of-the-art library systems, and supporting learning, teaching, and research activities.

As library service is central to the intellectual life of any university, the Directorate of Library and Documentation of Injibara University envisions to become one of the best libraries of the compressive universities in Ethiopia by 2030.

Ultimately, to carry out the vision and missions, the Library and Documentation Directorate has formed two main teams.

One of the teams is the Technical Team of the Library which has the responsibility to manage the day-to-day operations of the Library including the provision of consistent library services, eligible for selection, collection, recording, and technical processing of any information for the purpose of the library. The team has the following major activities: acquisition, cataloging and classification, periodical and documentation, digital and automation, binding, and photocopy.

The second team is the Library Service Team. It plans, coordinates, and directs the work of the team, works to improve the services, provide training on user service delivery and awareness-raising programs, monitor and support the service delivery of the library users in a modern and up-to-date manner.