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"We have fulfilled a great national responsibility by insuring students’ safety and security."

The 12th grade national examination, which was given for both social and natural science students in two rounds since September 30, 2015, has been successfully completed.


Call for Abstracts   

Injibara University has planned to host 1st Annual National Research Conference on the Theme of “Tolerance and Co-Existence for Sustainable Peace and Prosperous Ethiopian, and the Awi (Agew) Language, Culture and History.”

Injibara University signs tripartite memorandum of understanding with Amhara Regional Health Bureau, and Injibara General Hospital. 

Injibara University President Gardachew Worku (Dr) said the tripartite agreement reached today is historic and that the university has opened a health science college in 2014.

Field Visit Was Held in the Process of Improving the Community-Based Sheep Breed Improvement.

Injibara University, in collaboration with ICARDA (International Rainforest Agricultural Research Institute), is undertaking various activities to benefit farmers by developing the Dangle (Washera) sheep breed improvement, which is one the most productive resources in Awi Zone.


Injibara University celebrated its second round colorful graduation ceremony on July 24, 2021.


Injibara University has supported the Metekele front Security forces.

Injibara University has supported Metekele front security forces food items and a varityof materials.
The president of Injibara University Gardachew Worku (PhD) and other top management personnel along with delegates of adminstrative head of Awi Zone has visited.
During the visited president mentioned that the university will be always to support the security forces in any aspect. The members of the security forces, expressed that are very gratefull to the University and its staffs for what did and will do.