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#Green Legacy at Injibara University
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Gardachew Worku (PhD)
Associate Professor of Accounting and Finance
Aemiro Tadesse (PhD)
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Academic Affairs
Vice President
Wohabe Birhan (PhD)
Associate Professor of Developmental Psychology
Administrative and Student Affairs
Vice President
Kindie Birhan (PhD)
Assistant Professor of Education Research and Community Service
Vice President

Latest News & Events


Injibara University is acknowledged and rewarded!

The university has played its role to ensure the peace, security, and existence of the country by providing timely and urgent dry rations for the national military forces; supporting different Hospitals with different inputs; coordinating the university’s community to donate their monthly salary; supporting military members’ families and providing professional and psychological support for those who were displaced from their residences because of the war. Accordingly, the two ministries have thanked and certified the University for these Valuable National Contributions.
(March, 20, 2022, Injibara University)

Injibara University has conducted post-graduate programs validation workshop

September 4, 2021-Injibara University
Injibara University has opened 11 postgraduate programs in the academic calendar of 2014 E.C. The validation workshop has been organized to open these programs and other 17 undergraduate programs.
On the opening ceremony of the workshop, Dr. Aemro Taddesse, academic vice president of the university narrated the progress of the university from foundation to the current developments. He explained that opening 11 post graduate and 17 undergraduate programs makes the 2014 as a special academic year. He also announced that this marks the second phase of the academic expansion of Injibara University.

Injibara university staff has donated one month salary for defense, Special Forces and milisha support.

University staffs and Top leaders of the university discussion were held for supporting defense force. Dr. gardachew Worku (Associate professor), president of the university point out that we must all stand for the survival of our country. In particular, he said the university staff should show its support by reversing the global media Impact and providing logistical support by donating its time and money. During the discussion, the university staff also expressed their readiness to provide the necessary support for the unity and peace of our country. For this, they will continue to donate their small monthly salary and their blood donation program to show their unity and solidarity. Up to this time Injibara University and the university community have donated more than 3 million birr in cash and in kind. During today s discussion, the staff decided to pay more than 3.5 million birr a month salary for defense, Special Forces and milisha. In addition to that they ready to go to the front to destroy the anti-peace forces, and also organize and support the families of the soldiers.
# August 22/2021, Injibara University.
National Symposium on Awi Culture, Language and History
Injibara University in collaboration with Awi Administrative Zone organized National symposium on Awi Culture, Language and History on January 31,2020 at the seminar hall of the zonal administration. Professor Birhanu Belay (President of Injibara University), made clear in his opening speech of the conference that the University has the responsibility of developing and promoting the culture and language of the Awi people.
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