Esubalew Mekuriaw Birie

Full NameEsubalew Mekuriaw Birie
Academic RankLecturer
Education BackgroundMSc in Clinical Midwifery from Bahir Dar University (2018 to 2020)BSc. in Midwifery from Bahir Dar University (2015 to 2018)Diploma in Midwifery Nursing from Bahir Dar Health Science College (2006-2008)
Working ExperienceLecturer at Injibara University (24/2022 to Present) Chief Technical Assistant and Lab Manager/College Skill Lab Coordinator at Bahir Dar University (April 07/2014 to February 23/2022) Senior Midwife at Hidasie Debre Markos Health Center (June 24/2011 to September 03/2013) Senior Midwife and Team Leader at Finote-Selam District Hospital Center (September 30/2010 to June 23/2011).Midwife and Health Center Head at Ankesha Guwagusa Woreda- Buya Health Center (November 02/2009 to September 29/2010)
Research InterestSkill Teaching and RelatedLeadershipAdvanced Family Planning Methods, Maternal and Child Health
PublicationsUtilization of intra uterine contraceptive device and associated factors among reproductive age group of family planning users in Han Health Center, Bahir Dar, North West Amhara, Ethiopia, 2018. condom utilization and associated factors among HIV positive clients attending ART clinic at Pawi general hospital, North West Ethiopia. 16.2
AddressCollege of Medicine and Health Sciences  Tel: +251 918144159 Email: