The 12th grade national examination


"We have fulfilled a great national responsibility by insuring students’ safety and security."

The 12th grade national examination, which was given for both social and natural science students in two rounds since September 30, 2015, has been successfully completed.

Dr. Gardachew, President of Injibara University, said that the university accepted 14,631 students and administered the examination as per the mission given by the Ministry of Education. He added that despite facing some challenges during the examination process, they were managed by university's examination task force and the security by establishing a system that allows for intensive work, as well as by providing close monitoring and support.

The president stated that the Ministry of Education has implemented a nationally significant examination system this year to avoid cheating and theft of exam papers. He also announced that such evaluations should be given not only in the 12th grade but also at every level of education.

Finally, Dr. Gardachew wished good results for the students and thanked the examiners, coordinators, security forces, university staff and the Ministry of Education who participated in the examination process.

Additionally, Tesfaye Wersa, coordinator of Injbara University examination center, mentioned that the examination given in both rounds was successfully completed. With transportation arrangements made by Awi Zone and West Gojam Zone Education Offices, students safely arrived their homes.

October 2022, Injibara University