Yirgaalem Fente

Full Name Yirgalem Fentie Kassahun
Academic Rank Lecturer
Education Background
  • MA from Debremarkos University (September 2015 to June 2017)
  • BED in English Language and Literature in Samara University (March 2000-June 2002 )
Working Experience
  • Lecturer at Injibara University (September 2014ec to Present)
  • Lecturer at Debark University (September 2012 to August, 2013)
  • Teacher at Liwaye preparatory school (July 2002 to September 2007 ec)
  • Teacher at Mekan Eyesus preparatory school (September 2007 to August 2008 ec)
  • Teacher at Worota preparatory school (September 2009 to April 2011 E.C)
Research Interest
  • Theories and approaches of language
  • teaching Practice of developing test construction skills
  • Material preparation focusing on the skills.

College of Social Science and Humanities

Office: Registrar Building, Room 114

Tel: +251 943483436

Email: yirgafun@gmail.com