Agri-business and Value Chain Management

Department of agribusiness and value chain management is one of the departments in the college of agriculture, food and climate science of Injibara university. The department was established in 2021/22 (2014 E.C) to produce proficient, highly competent and innovative agribusiness and value chain experts capable of leading the commercialization of the country’s agriculture in light of the dynamism of consumers demand, and conducting problem solving researches and community services.  The department has five lecturers (three male and two female lecturers), one assistant professor and four Master of Science degree holders. It has a total of 35 students with 21 and 14 second and third year students respectively. The department has one computer lab for teaching practical courses.

The department is working on four strategic areas including academic excellence, excellence in research and community service, institutional capacity building and good governance. During the two-year stay in the department, the staff are conducting and participating in three researches mainly focusing on Value Chain Analysis, Market chain analysis, Economic Efficiency and Commercialization of different agricultural products (crop and animals).

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Dubale Abate Awoke


Tel: +251912606083