Distance and Continuing Education


Injibara University is one of the higher education institutions involved in continuing and distance education. The Continuing Education Program of the University was first started in 2018 with various disciplines in the weekend and summer undergraduate programs. Owing to this fact, the University believes that continuing and distance education needs to be accessible for those who cannot get regular education opportunities. The continuing education service has continued to grow including the postgraduate programs. The Directorate of Continuing and Distance Education is responsible for ensuring quality, relevant and equitable education in the University. The directorate envisions to lead the provision of high-quality continuing education in the target programs that match with the priorities of the country. The directorate is responsible to:

  •  Conduct marketing research and launch programs with high demand,
  • Explore opportunities to offer targeted programs to potential customers,
  • Continually review and refine the incentive system to ensure motivation of the staffs, departments, colleges and other stakeholders for their efforts to strengthen the CEP,
  • Collaborate with the staffs, department heads, and deans to ensure appropriate system,
  • Review program courses for    their relevance,
  • Evaluate the use of technology and other innovative strategies to enhance better services for CEP students,
  • Develop a system for collecting data on services delivered, and
  • Explore the viability of differential tuition rates for different courses and programs.

Ashenafi Mihret Ayana (Ass. Prof.)


Tel: +251918328568
Email: ashumih2009@gmail.com


Bantalem Derseh Wale (PhD)
Tel: +251 91 280 7284
Email: bantalemd@gmail.com