Property Management Executive

Property Management of Injibara University is one of the administrative sub-departments established when the university started its official teaching and learning activities in 2018. Besides strictly controlling and monitoring the quality and accessibility of the institution’s permanent and non-permanent assets, it plays a significant role in ensuring a fair distribution of materials for each and every department of the institution.

When this work department started its work in 2018 under the name of procurement and property management, it was a sub-work department formed at the team leader level along with procurement, and it started the work of property control with one team leader and two experts.

Since July 08/2023, the work unit has established as one main independent department of the institution instead of a component of the procurement department. Now, property management executive work unit has 13 professionals under one executive to perform the expected duties.

Adamu Admas
Property Management Executive, INU
Mobile 091 849 7568
Mobile 0918497568