Library Service Executive

Injibara university library is a central to the intellectual life of the university. Library and Documentation Services Directorate is one parts of Injibara University which has been a few years since the library began offering books and 24-hour reading services to the university community. The Library and Documentation Service Directorate is not only a complete source of information for its users but also a major player in the university’s academic, research and community services. At the time of writing, our university has a library, a college-level library for all colleges, an Internet lab with over 100 computers, a repository  and a reading and discussion room for more than 3,500 students.

1. Mission, Vision, Purpose and Values           

1.1 MissionIncrease knowledge development and creativity by mobilizing curriculum-based information sources, developing state-of-the-art library systems, supporting learning, teaching and research.              

  1.2 Vision The vision of Injibara University Libraryis  to become one of the best library among All Compressive university libraries in 2022!           

  1.4  MottoServe all users fairly and honestly

Values 1. Because it helps to better control and direct the library2. Helps to create a streamlined system3. It helps to have an efficient and balanced flow of information4. Helps to create a safe, comfortable and interesting environment5. Establish a strong control system to keep the library’s data sources safe and undamaged. 

 Library Directorate director is responsible for the Academic Vice President and is primarily responsible for staff supervision, planning, human resource preparation, budget preparation and allocation.