Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science (CoSc) has been opened at Injibara University College of Natural and Computational science since 2018 G.C and it is one of the departments opened to the beginning with the University in serving the community and also improved the University’s standing. Now, the department is re-structured with collage of Engineering and technology since 2022G. C. The department has 13 active staffs out of which 8 are instructors (1 Ass. Prof. 3 Msc and 4 at study leave for Phd) and 5 are Academic Technical Assistances (I Msc, 3 Bsc and 1 at. at study leave for Msc). Computer science department aim to excel in teaching, research, and community service to solve the problems of the community, as a result the staffs involve in these activities in addition to the teaching learning. The department has 98 regular and 142 extension total number of 240 students. Within 7 year journey, 275 competent students are graduated from the department, in which 122 are from regular programs and 153 are extension. As mentioned before, the department in not limited in teaching, it also engaged through community services to fill the break in the surrounding. For example the department give a training at chagni, Gimija bet and Injibara town about Basic Computer Skills and Database  Management System since 2023 G. C.

During the four years study program the students take different courses which are supported by laboratories and based on the requirements of current trends in the depart­ment.

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Abraham Sewnet Kassa


Tel: +251 920781640