Alemu Alene

Full NameAlemu Alene Kebede
Academic RankAssistant Professor
Working ExperienceJanuary 18, 2022 – the present: Lecturer in Injibara University, EthiopiaSeptember 25, 2009 – January 17, 2022): Lecturer in DebreMarkos University, EthiopiaJuly 08, 2003 – September 24, 2009: Expert of Capacity Building in Ankesha Guagusa Woreda (District), Amhara Region, EthiopiaJune 06, 2003 – June 07, 2003: Expert of Plan and Project in the Capacity Building Office of Ankesha Guagusa Wereda (District)July 08, 1998—June 05, 2003: Vice Director in Ankesha Senior Secondary School, Amhara Region, EthiopiaSeptember 29, 1994 – September 11, 1996: Teacher in Itang Junior Secondary School, Gambella Region, Ethiopia
Research Interest  Cultural History CultureIndigenous Knowledge Cultural Tourism
Publications  Alemu Alene. (2020). Horse culture & tourism development: Towards initiating horse tourism in Awi Zone, Northwestern Ethiopia, Cogen Social Sciences (2020), 6: 1735116.Alemu Alene. (2018). Opportunities and Challenges to Highland Bamboo-Based Traditional Handicraft Production, Marketing and Utilization in Awi Zone, Northwestern Ethiopia. International Journal of History and Cultural Studies, Volume 4, Issue 4, PP. 57-67Alemu Alene. (2015). A Short Political Biography of Kibur Ato Haddis Alemayehu. Journal of History and Culture, Vol. 7(1), PP. 28-37Alemu Alene Kebede & Yirsaw Tadele Alem. (2020). “A Preliminary Overview of Trends of Oromo Studies in and Outside Ethiopia” International Journal of History and Cultural Studies (IJHCS). vol 6, no. 4, pp. 57-65Alemu Alene. (2014). Indigenous Pest Management Mechanisms in Ankesha Guagusa Wereda (District), Northwestern Ethiopia. International Journal of Innovative Research & Development, Vol. 3, Issue 5, PP 486-491Alemu Alene .(2014). Indigenous Knowledge of Seed Selection, Soil Fertility Enhancement and Pest Management: The Case of Ankesha Guagusa Wereda, Awi Zone, ANRS. The 4th Annual National Research Conference Proceedings, Debra Markos University
AddressCollege of Social Science and Humanities, Injibara University Office: Registrar Building, Room 204 Tel: +251 966104593 Email: