Anmut Mulualem Shibeshi

Full Name Anmut Mulualem Shibeshi
Academic Rank Lecturer
Education Background
  •  MSc in Food Technology from Bahir-Dar University (October 2009 EC to June 2010 EC).
  • BSc in Food Technology and Food Process Engineering from Bahir-Dar University (October 2002 EC to June 2006 EC).
Working Experience
  • Assistant Lecture at Wollega university (05/02/2007 to 04/07/2011EC)
  • Lecturer at Wollega University (05/07/2011 to 01/12/2012 EC)
  • Lecturer at Debre-Markos University (02/12/2012 to 30/11/2013 EC)
  • Lecturer at Injibara university (01/12/2013 EC  up to now)
Research Interest
  • In postharvest loss minimization in agronomic practice/strategy
  • Value added  new food product development in food value chain
  • In food packaging technology
  • Novel formulation in the form of fortification and supplementation   of food processing
  • Food safety and quality issues 
  • In nutrition and food insecurity issues etc.
Publications Not yet
Address College of Agriculture, Food and Climate  Sciences, Injibara University Dep’t: Food Science and Postharvest Technology
Remark Study leave for PhD