Arega Mulu Adal (PhD)

Full Name Arega Mulu Adal (Ph.D.)
Academic Rank Associate Professor
Education Background
  • PhD in Hydraulic and Water Resources Engineering from National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Mangalore, India (2013-2016)
  • MSc in Irrigation Engineering from Haramaya University (2007-2009)
  • BSc in Agricultural Engineering and Mechanization from Hawassa University (2000-2004)
Working Experience
  • Associate Professor of Hydraulic and water resources engineering Injibara University from July,2023 till now
  • Associate professor of Hydraulic and water resources engineering from November/2022 to July2023.
  • A lecturer from 10/2010 to 16/2013 at Debre Markos University
  • Senior Instructor at Burie ATVET College, from October 2004 up to March 2010.
  • Research, Community Service, and Technology transfer Executive Director at the Institute of Technology, Debre Markos University from 08/10/2018 up to May 2022
  • Team leader of Bersina project of evaluation of Impact assessment and exit strategy developments
  • Member of Joint research project of Groundwater potential assessment and quality evaluation at East, West Gojam, and Awi zone
  • Member of the project on Integrated Watershed Management project development on Weynima Geramo Kebele,  Gozamen Woreda, East GojjamZone, Amhara Region, Ethiopia
  • Member of research and Community Service Council of Debre Markos University
  • Member of Editorial board of Debre Markos University Choke Journal of Science and Technology
  • Research and Technology transfer vice dean at the institute of Technology, Debre Markos University Since 08/10/2017
  • Team leader for grand project proposal writing since10/03/2017
  • Department Council member for the Hydraulic and Water resources department since 02/05/2018
  • Member of Discipline Committee since 02/10/2017 for Technology Institute, DMU
  • Chair of the organizing committee for the first and second National Research Conference of Debre Markos Institute of Technology in 2018.
  • Head Department of Natural resource Management, from July 2006 up to October 2008etc
Research Interest Hydraulics and Water Resources Engineering, Irrigation engineering, Climate change studies, Surface hydrology, Sedimentation,  Effects of Dam on River Hydrology and Sediment flow, Flood studies, Precipitation Runoff Modelling System (PRMS), Water resources systems optimization, and others.
  • Taye Minichil Meshesha*, Atsushi Tsunekawa, Nigussie Haregeweyn, Mitsuru Tsubo,Ayele Almaw Fenta, Mulatu Liyew Berihun, Arega Mulu, Ashebir Sewale Belay,Dagnenet Sultan, Kindiye Ebabu, Tadesual Asamin Setargie, Samuel Berihun Kassa,Yoseph Buta Hailu  and Takeshi Abe (2024). Alterations in Hydrological Responses under Changing Climate and Land Use/Land Cover across Contrasting Agroecological Environments: A Case Study on the Chemoga Watershed in the Upper Blue Nile Basin, Ethiopia. Water 2024, 16, 1037. 10.3390/w16071037.Taye Minichile,Atsushi TsunekawaN. HaregeweynMitsuru Tsubo, Ayele A. Fenta, Mulatu L. BerihunArega Mulu, Tadesual Asamin Setargie, and Samuel Berihun Kassa (2024). Agroecology-based land use/land cover change detection, prediction and its implications for land degradation: A case study in the Upper Blue Nile Basin. February 2024. International Soil and Water Conservation Research. DOI: 10.1016/j.iswcr.2024.02.002  
  • Endalew L. and Mulu A. (2024). Comparison of the sediment yield estimation using bathymetric survey and Modifed Universal Soil Loss Equation at Shumburit Reservoir, East Gojjam Zone Amhara Region, Ethiopia. Arabian Journal of Geosciences (2024) 17:11
  • Endalew L. and Mulu A. (2022). Estimation of reservoir sedimentation using bathymetry survey at Shumburit earth dam, East Gojjam zone Amhara region, Ethiopia. Heliyon, Published: November 30, 2022DOI:
  • Endalew L. and Mulu A. (2023). Estimation of the amount of sediment entering into Shumburit reservoir from the Shumburit watershed, East Gojjam zone, Amhara Region, Ethiopia. Environmental Challenges Volume 11, April 2023, 100696.
  • Mulu A,  Preeti Jacob,  and G. S. Dwarakish (2021). Hydraulic Performance of Pervious Concrete Based on Small Size Aggregates. Advances in Materials Science and Engineering Volume 2022, Article ID 2973255, 12 pages
  • Dessalew H. and Mulu A. (2021). Landslide Susceptibility Evaluation in the Chemoga watershed, Upper Blue Nile, Ethiopia. Journal of Natural Hazards.
  • GedefawS. , Zeru G. and  Mulu A. (2021). Geospatial analysis for the identification and mapping of groundwater potential zones using RS and GIS at Eastern Gojjam, Ethiopia. Groundwater for Sustainable Development Volume 19, November 2022, 100824.
  • Dessalew H. and Mulu A. (2021). Flood vulnerability assessment using GIS at Fetam watershed, upper Abbay basin, Ethiopia. Journal Heliyon.
  • Getnet Ts. and Mulu A. (2021). Assessment of soil erosion rate and hotspot areas using RUSLE and multi-criteria evaluation technique at Jedeb watershed, Upper Blue Nile, Amhara Region, Ethiopia. Journal of Environmental Challenges.
  • Dessalew H. and Mulu A. (2021). Mapping flood inundation areas using GIS and HEC-RAS model at Fetam River, Upper Abbay Basin, Ethiopia. Scientific African.
  • Dessalew H. and Mulu A. (2021). Identification of Potential Sites for Small-Scale Hydropower Plants Using a Geographical Information System: A Case Study on Fetam River Basin.
  • Tesfahen G.and Mulu A. (2021). Evaluation of the impact of land use/land cover changes on streamflow of Bogena watershed, Upper Abbay basin, Ethiopia. Choke Journal of Science and Technology.
  • Mulu, A., G.S. Dwarakish,(2016). Hydrological effects of land use /land cover changes on stream flow at GilgelAbay River Basin, Upper Blue Nile, Ethiopia. International Journal of Earth Sciences and Engineering, India, 9 (5).
  • Mulu, A., G.S. Dwarakish (2015). Different Approaches for using Trap Efficiency for Estimation of Reservoir Sedimentation. ELSEVIER Science Direct Aquatic Procedia 4 (2015) 847 – 852.Arega M. and Tena A. (2012). Deficit Irrigation Application Using Center Pivot Sprinkler Irrigation for Onion Production. International Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences.
  • Arega M. and Tena A. (2012). Evaluating coefficient of uniformity for center pivot sprinkler irrigation. Global Journal of Biology, Agriculture and Health Sciences.
  • Arega M. and Baye A. (2012). The cumulative effect of saline water on carrot production. Novus Natural Science Research.

       Published book

Chapters in book

  • Chapter 17. Soil and Water Conservation Technology and Sediment Retention Assessment Sileshie Mesfin Leyew, Tesfahun G/Michael, Arega Mullu, and Assefa M. Meless. Springer Geography.
  • Chapter 19 Rainfall-Runoff and Sediment Yield Modeling in Headwater Catchments of Lake Tana Sub-Basin, Ethiopia. Sileshie Mesfin, Arega Mullu, and Assefa M. Melesse Springer Geography.
  • Chapter 25 Historical Trend Analysis of Rainfall in Amhara National Regional State Sileshie Mesfin, Anwar Assefa Adem, Arega Mullu, and Assefa M. Melesse. Springer Geography.
  • Chapter 26 Micro-Watershed Hydrological Monitoring and Evaluation. A Case Study at Lake Tana Sub-Basin, Ethiopia. Sileshie Mesfin, Arega Mullu, and Kibret Kassie. Springer Geography. 
  • Estimation of Historical Changes in Annual Peak Stream Flows in Netravathi river basin, Karnataka, India, Mulu, A.,  T.M. Fasnamol,  G.S. Dwarakish,Etc  
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