Assefa Andargie

Full Name Assefa Andargie Kassa
Academic Rank Assistant Professor
Education Background
  • MPH in Epidemiology and Biostatistics from Wollo University (September 2018 to August 2020)
  • MPH in Public Health from University of Gondar (September 2011 to July 2013)
  • BSc in Nursing from Jimma University (September 2005 to June 2008)
Working Experience
  • Assistant Professor, Injibara University (August 2022 to Present)
  • Head, Department of Public Health at Wollo University (September 2020 to July 2022)
  • Assistant Professor, Wollo University (August 2021 to July 2022)
  • Lecturer, Wollo University (July 2013 to August 2021)
  • Assistant Lecturer, Wollo University (September 2010 to July 2013)
  • MPH Candidate, University of Gondar (September 2011 to July 2013)
  • Graduate Assistant II, Wollo University (September 2009 to September 2010)
  • Graduate Assistant I, Wollo University (September 2008 to September 2009)
Research Interest
  • Non Communicable Diseases
  • Emerging And Re-emerging Public Health Issues
  • Evidence Based Practice
  • Spatial Epidemiology Nutrition
  • Maternal and Child Health

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