Belew Nega

Full NameBelew Nega Yismaw
Academic RankLecturer
Education Attended1. MBA from Debre Markos University (September 2018 to August  2020)
2. BA in Management from Jigdan College
3. BEd in Mathematics from Mekelle University
4.Hardware and Network servicing Diploma from Injibara Poly Technic College
Working Experience1. Lecturer at Injibara University (February 2021 to Present)
2.Head of the President Office at Injibara University
3. Director, Institutional Transformation and Good Governance at EiTEX-Bahir Dar University
4. Team lead at ABH Partners 
5. Team Leader, Registrar and Alumni Management Directorate
6. Higher Students Admission Expert, Bahir Dar University
7. Statistical Data Expert, Bahir Dar University
8. Registrar Expert, Injibara College of Teachers Education College
9. Teacher, Registrar Head, Dean at Highland College
10.Teacher at Denbecha Preparatory School
11.Teacher at Azena Primary School
Research Interest1. Project Management
2. Leadership
3. Business Communication
4. Entrepreneurship
5. Humana Resource Management
6. Organizational Behavior
AddressCollege of Business and Economics, Injibara University
Office: Registrar Building, Room 405
Tel: +251910469413/0983451515