Belisti Atinkut

Full Name Belsti Atnkut Tadesse
Academic Rank
  • Lecturer
Education Background
  • Msc In Applied Microbiology from Hawassa University (08/02/2008 E.C – 04/08/ 2010 E .C)
  • Higher diploma license professional teacher education from Injibara university (07/11/2014 E.C)
  • Post graduate higher diploma in teaching from Hawassa university (30/01/2008 E.C)
  • BSc in Biology from Debre Markos university (05/03/2002 E.C – 06/07/2005 E.C)
Working Experience
  • Lecturer and researcher at Injibara University (01/02/2011 E.C to Present)
  • Lecturer at Jigjiga University (21/ 09/2010 to 30/01/2011 C )
  • High school and preparatory teacher at Bursa secondary and preparatory school (23/06/2006 E.C – 30/01/2008 E.C)
Research Interest
  • Agriculture, microbial isolates and crop production studies
  • Environmental adaptation and transfer of use full microbes
  • Industrial microbial production (single cell protein production)
  • Microbial and health related research
  • Commercial product (industrial, food, environmental) value production
  • Environmental protection through eco-friendly microbes and related research
  • Microorganisms as a green approach in all human activity
  • Microbial integrated environmental pollution protection projects
  • Study of microbial profile of different samples
  • Food microbial profile, improvement food spoilage and related research
  • Adoption of microorganisms as food and related research
  • Medical microbial research and related research
  • Microorganisms, health burden and improvements research
  • Microbial genetics analysis and related research
Publications “Cultivation of Pleurotus ostreatus on Agricultural Wastes and Their Combination” -Publisher HINDAWI LTD- 2021,

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