Besufekad Girma

Full NameBesufikad Girma Bekele
Academic RankLecturer
Education Background 
Work ExperienceOct. 2017- M.A. Candidate at Mekelle University, Ethiopia Jan. 2019-Present Lecturer, History and Heritage Department, Social College, Injibara University, Ethiopia
Research InterestM.A in Archaeology and Heritage Management from Mekelle University (07-10-2016 to 22-01-2019)B.A in History and Heritage Management from Jimma University (03-07-2014 to 20-14-2016)
PublicationBesufikad Girma (2019). Identification and Documentation of Heritages of Asebot Monastery in western Hararge Zone, Oromia, Ethiopia M.A Thesis(Unpublished), Mekelle University, Mekelle, Ethiopia. Besufikad Girma (2014). Sagure primary school from foundation to present, Sagure, East Arsi, Oromia, Ethiopia. . Senior Research (Unpublished), Jimma University, Jimma, Ethiopia. Besufikad Girma, Kalehab Mekurya, Zemene Guwade,Gebehewu Geremewu (2021). To Assess the participation and perception of local communities towards Tourism development in Awi Zone Besufikad Girma, Zemene Guwade, Sewunet and Kalehab Mekureya (2020).Awareness creation on Documentation, Conservation and tourism development towards the Identified Potential Tourism Resources of Awi Zone
AddressInjibara University, Injibara, Ethiopia College of Social Science and Humanities History and Heritage Department Tel: +25193-605-7007 +25197-500-3822 E-mail: