Biology Department is one of the eight (8) Departments in Natural and Computational Sciences College (NCSC) in Injibara University was launched in 2017G.C offering a four year program leading to a B.Sc. degree in Biology. Besides, the Department launched 2 specializations in second degree, Ecological and Systematic Zoology and Applied Micro Biology. There are now 1068 undergraduate students in the department; 31 of them are regular students, 1019 are summer students, and 48 are extension students. Meanwhile the department also support 48 postgraduate students both in the summer and Extension program

Currently the Department has 25 staff members (4 PhD holders, 10 Master degree holders, 7 staffs under PhD study, 1 staff under MSc study) and 3 lab technicians (2 Master degree holders and 1 B.Sc. degree holder). The staff qualifies with diversified specialization such as Zoology; Microbiology; Genetics; Biomedical; Entomology; Botany and Fisheries and Aquatic science. Above all the Department is highly deducted and engaged in conducting problem solving research activities, strengthening community engagement and technology transfer.

Since its inception, the Department has been the leading center in teaching-learning, research and community services activities. The Department also attempts of making a better-quality students, entrepreneur academic and industrial professionals, and above all, good human beings who can work with ethics and integrity towards the betterment of society, which eventually leads to building a strong nation in ever-changing and challenging times

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Dr. Aemero Mekonen