The department of Biomedical Sciences has been established in 2022G.C. as an amalgamate of three departments (Department of Biochemistry, Physiology and Anatomy) for better management of human and material resources and for development of an intimate professional interaction between the staff of three departments to boost the services rendered to the University and the community by these departments. From its inception up to now, the Department of Biomedical Sciences being one of the principal departments in the College of Medicine and Health science , has been contributed a lot in offering Biochemistry, Physiology, Anatomy, and related courses to both Medical and Paramedical students as well as postgraduate students in Health Sciences.


The Department of Biomedical Sciences at Injibara University aspires to be the center of excellence in education, research and community services in Medical Biochemistry, Medical Physiology and Clinical Anatomy. In research, to perform scientific research at the highest international levels, integrating cutting-edge multidisciplinary approaches for solving significant problems in medical world.


The Department of Biomedical Sciences will be dedicated to maintain a reputation as an outstanding department on the basis of the rigorous curriculum, community services and the quality of research conducted by its staff and students. The Department of Biomedical Sciences will values teaching and research as equal and essential components of education for the students and seeks to integrate research with teaching at every possible opportunity in the curriculum.

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Tsegaye Mehare Alemayehu


Tel: +251 913322154