The biotechnology department was established in 2014 E.C., and since then it has shown potential growth to fulfil the requirements of a well-equipped laboratory facility, aiming for advanced labs and instruments that include animal cell culture labs, plant tissue culture labs, and related facilities. All these facilities will be supported by experienced and trained members with a wide range of subject expertise.

At the moment, the department employed four competent MSc holders: two in general biotechnology, one with expertise in industrial biotechnology, one specialized in plant biotechnology, and two technical assistants. Right now, the Department offers a Bachelor of Science programme. This four-year BSc programme is designed to produce skilled biotechnologists who can take advantage of important research and employment possibilities in the country. Currently, 14 third-year and 12 second-year students are studying their education. The programme encourages students to focus on the various research areas that help them connect with recent technologies in the field of biotechnology.


It aims to produce qualified students and be competitive with the equivalent education departments of our country’s general-sector universities in the next 10 years.


  • To produce competent students who have sufficient knowledge and developed skills in biotechnology and are competitive in the field.
  • To impart practical learning in order to improve students’ capacity for creativity and research.
  • Delivering community services based on need and backed by empirical research, as well as conducting research aimed at fixing problems.

The Department of Biotechnology emphasizes making better-quality students, entrepreneurs, academic and industrial professionals, and above all, good human beings who can work with ethics and integrity towards the betterment of society, which eventually leads to building a strong nation in these ever-changing and challenging times.

“Biotechnology is the science of the future, and it is going to change everything.”

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Abrham Wodaje Teferi


Tel: +251 909121657