Derbew Girma Minayehu

Full Name Derbew Girma Minayehu
Academic Rank Academic technical Assistant
Education Background
  • Currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Chemistry at Bahir Dar University.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Applied Chemistry earned from Adama Science and Technology University from September 2017 to 2021.
Working Experience
  • Currently employed as an Academic Technical Assistant in the Soil Science College of Agriculture, Food, and Climate Science at Injibara University since November 2023. 
  • Previously, engaged in teaching Chemistry at Enat Schools in Addis Ababa from August 20, 2023 to November 15, 2023).
Research Interest
  • Synthetic Methodology Development: Designing and optimizing new synthetic routes and methodologies for the efficient and selective synthesis of organic molecules. Emphasizing green chemistry principles, including atom economy, catalysis, and solvent-free reactions.
  • Natural Product Synthesis: Total synthesis of complex natural products with significant biological activities, such as alkaloids, terpenoids, and polyketides. Exploring innovative strategies for stereochemical control, ring formation, and functional group manipulation.
  • Medicinal Chemistry: Designing and synthesizing small molecules with potential therapeutic applications, targeting various diseases including cancer, infectious diseases, and neurological disorders. Investigating structure-activity relationships (SAR) and pharmacokinetic properties to optimize drug candidates.
  • Organocatalysis: Developing novel organocatalysts for asymmetric synthesis and cascade reactions. Exploring the mechanisms of organocatalytic transformations and designing catalysts with improved efficiency, selectivity, and recyclability. 
  • C-H Functionalization: Developing selective methods for the direct functionalization of C-H bonds, enabling streamlined access to complex organic molecules. Investigating new catalysts, reaction mechanisms, and substrate scopes for C-H activation reactions.
  • Physical Organic Chemistry: Investigating the mechanisms and kinetics of organic reactions using experimental and computational techniques. Studying reaction pathways, transition states, and reactive intermediates to elucidate reaction mechanisms and predict reactivity.
  • Sustainable Synthesis: Developing environmentally benign strategies for organic synthesis, including the use of renewable feedstocks, catalytic reactions, and bio-derived solvents. Exploring the integration of flow chemistry, microwave irradiation, and other innovative technologies to minimize waste and energy consumption. 
  • Polymer Chemistry: Designing and synthesizing functional polymers with tailored properties for applications in materials science, drug delivery, and biotechnology. Investigating polymerization mechanisms, structure-property relationships, and stimuli-responsive polymers.
Address College of Agriculture, Food and Climate Science, Injibara University
Tel: +251 939394757