Desta Mullu

Full Name Desta Mullu
Academic Rank Lecturer
Education Attended
  • Bsc in Farm Forestry for Hawasa University
  • Msc in Agroforestry Hawasa University
  • PhD. Candidate in Climate Change and Bioenergy Development
Work Experiences
  • 27/03/2014–03/03/2017 Lecturer and Researcher
  • 04/03/2017–Present Lecturer and Researcher
Research Interest
  • My research interests are in climate smart agriculture and waste management particularly animal feed, fertilizer and waste management, climate change. In addition, I am interested in research that improves the livelihood of communities.
  • Mekuyie, M. and D. Mulu, 2021. Perception of impacts of climate variability on pastoralists and their adaptation/coping strategies in fentale district of Oromia region, Ethiopia. Environ. Syst. Res., 10.1186/s40068-020-00212-2.
  • TesfayeAbebe and Desta Mulu. (2017). The Role of Women in the Management and Utilization ofHome Garden: The Case of Dale District, in Southern Ethiopia. Asian Journal of Plant Science andResearch, 2017, 7(4):41-54.

Office, study leave

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