Dr. Habtamu Addis Minale

Full Name: Dr. Habtamu Addis Minale

Academic Rank: Assistant Professor

College of Agriculture, Food and climate science, Injibara University

Tel: +251 921281124

Email: habtamuaddis11@gmail.com habtamuaddis@inu.edu.et

Education Background
  • DVM in Veterinary Medicine from Wollo University June 2016
  • MSc in Veterinary Clinical Medicine from University of Gondar in 2019
Working Experience
  • Assistant Professor, Injibara University (August 2021 to Present)
  • Head, Department of Veterinary Laboratory Technology Injibara                  University (November 2022 to present )
  • Assistant Professor, (may 2019 to august 2021)at debremarkos Univeristy
  • head of veterinary laboratory technology at debrmarkos university february 03.2021to Jun /02/2020
Research Interest
  • Disease of dignosis infection and infesitationn in livestock production Disease of honey bee and Fishery Trans-boundary animal disease     epidimology, risk analysis prevention and Control
  • Vaccination startegies and antimicrobial alternative against animal disease
  • Pharmacological, Toxicological and clinical therapeutics..
  • Anthelmintics, antimicrobial and acaricide resistance testing
  • Ethnoveterinary/complementary and Aterinative /medicine
  • Non infectious disease
  • Surgical case
  • pathogens of vector-borne and ,water-borne and food-borne zoonoses.
  • Emerging ,Re-emerging and Zoonotic Disease of veterinary importance.
  • Safety and quality of foods of animal origin towads meeting
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