Dr. Moges Gebremariam

Full NameMoges Gebremariam Biwota (PhD)
AcademicAssistant Professor
Education BackgroundPhD in English Literature from Addis Ababa University (January 2004 E.C—July 2012 E.C)MA in Literature from Addis Ababa University (September 2001 E.C- July 2004 E.C.)Bachelor of Education in Amharic with Minor English from Debub University, Dilla College of Teachers’ Education and Health Sciences(October 1994 E.C—July 1997 E.C)
Working ExperienceAssistant Professor at Injibara University (As of December 2014 E.C )Lecturer at Mekelle University with a study leave for PhD(January 2004 E.C—July 2012)Lecturer at Mekelle University(September 2003 E.C )Graduate Assistant II at Mekelle University(September 2000E.C—August 2000 E.C)Graduate Assistant I at Mekelle University (September 1999 E.C to August 1999 E.C)
PublicationMoges Gebremariam (2012) Deviation as a Stylistic Feature in The Thirteenth Sun.North East African Journal of Social  Sciences and Humanities. Mekelle, Mekell University,  PP8- 22.Moges Gebremariam (2016) English Language in Ethiopia in Eloi Ficquet etal(eds) Movements in Ethiopia: Ethiopia in Movement(vol.2). Proceedings of the 18th International  Conference of Ethiopian Studies: Thehai Publishers, Losangeles.
Research InterestPhilosophy of EducationPhilosophy of LanguagePhilosophy of Literature
AddressCollege of Social Science and Humanities , Injibara University Room no 215  Tel:+2519 38709910Email: mogesgmiu@gmail.com