Eiael Tomas Youta

Full NameEiael Tomas Youta
Academic RankLecturer
Education BackgroundBSc in Biology from Arbaminch University (05/02/2006 C – 06/09/2008 E.C)MSc in Biotechnology from Arbaminch University (01/02/2012 E.C – 04/08/ 2014 E .C )
Working ExperienceTeacher at Leyouneh Dubale international Academy (From 05/08/2013- 30/01/2015E.C )Lecturer at Injibara University (25/ 02/2015 to present)
Research InterestFood technologyFermentation technologyImmunologyPlant molecular technologyNanotechnologyHuman genome sequencingBlood group frequencyGenetic engineering and genetically modified foods/ plantsGenome editingBioenergy
AddressCollege of Natural and Computational Science, Biology Department Injibara UniversityVenue: Laboratory Building, Office No: 120Tel: +251 913861074Email:eyaelthomas123@gmail.com