Electrical and Computer Engineering

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECEg) has been opened at Injibara University College of Engineering and Technology since 2022 G.C and it is one of the new departments in the University in serving the community and also improved the University’s reputation. The department has 2 active staffs (1 PhD and 1 MSc). The ECEg department aim to excel in teaching, research, industry linkage and in producing competent graduates to solve the problems of the community, as a result the staffs involve in these activities in addition to the teaching learning. The department has accepted and trained first batche (with a total number of 31 students).

During the five years study program the students take different courses which are supported by laboratories and based on the requirements of modern industries the depart­ment has five specializations (streams) such as Communication Engineering, Electrical Power Engineering, Computer Engineering, Industrial Control Engineering, and Electronics Engineering in the present undergraduate engineering course where the streams are selected at 4th year first semester. And to give the students a chance of applying their theoretical knowledge into practice and to improve the student’s ability to work in group, interpersonal communication and problem solving ability the department has an internship program, administered by the University Industry Linkage (UIL), which is conducted at 5th year first semester where the students are assigned at different industries of the country.


List of the  programsSpecialization or stream (Regular)
  BScElectrical Power Engineering
Industrial Control Engineering
Computer Engineering
Communication Engineering
 Electronics Engineering

Mekete Asmare


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