Environmental Health

Department of environmental health is among one of the programs in college of medicine and health sciences in Injibara University. The department have opened in 2021 to achieve three objectives; training of competent professionals, providing community services and conducting problem-solving researches. Since then, the department have received students every year and is on good track of training of competent professionals who will have all the required knowledge, attitude and skills on local and global environmental health issues. The department is also providing community services to the nearby communities that can really respond the hygiene and environmental health problems through designing projects based on data from Community Based Education Programs (CBTP) and findings of applied researches. Finally, environmental health department staffs are so far dedicated in conducting researches that can have appreciated inputs, for policy makers, program designers and public health authorities; on which practical solutions that benefit the wider communities will be implemented.

The department will try to check all the time the achievement of the objective mainly through feedback from graduates, stakeholders’ satisfaction and comments, the need of the market for graduates etc. in the form of research. Based on the collected data, the course delivery materials, resources and methodologies will updated, learning strategies will be improved.

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Gashaw Melke


Tel:- 0918224167