Gedif Mulat

Full NameGedif Mulat Alemayehu
Academic RankLecturer
Education BackgroundMSC in Biostatistics from University of Gondar (September, 2004 E.C to August 2005 E.C)BSC in Statistics from University of Gondar (September , 2001 to July, 2003)
Working ExperienceHead of Statistics Department at Injibara University (November, 2013 E.C to Present)Lecturer at Injibara University (December ,2010 E.C to Present)Lecturer at Wolkitie University (February 2006 E.C to November 2010 E.C)
Research InterestChild and mother HealthAgricultureEducation
Publications1)      Alemayehu GM, Chernet AG, Dumga KT. Determinants of Child Size at Birth and Associated Maternal Factor in Gurage Zone. J Reprod Infertil. 2020;21(2):138-145.2)      Alemayehu GM, Cherie KT, Chernet AG. Severity of malnutrition among underweight children and family‐related factors: a cross‐sectional analysis of data from the 2019 Ethiopian Demographic and Health Survey (EDHS). Health Sci Rep. 2022;5:e860. doi:10.1002/hsr2.8603)      Alemayehu GM, Yesuf KM, Yesuf JS. Factor affecting Immunization status of children aged from 0-59 Months in Ethiopia. Asian J. Med.Res.2019;8(1): CM01-CM104)      Alemayehu GM (2018) Statistical Analysis of Factors that Affect the Use of Maternal Health Care Services in Gubure Sub-City: SNNP,Ethiopia. J Biom Biostat 9: 399. doi: 10.4172/2155-6180.10003995)      Kasshun T., Ayele G., Alemayehu GM.,Statistical Analysis of Delivery Care Service Utilization of Women in Gurage Zone, Ethiopia. Ijsrp, 2018; 8(10).
AddressCollege of Natural and Computational Science, Injibara UniversityOffice: Natural and computational Science Building, Room 218Tel: +251 920469764Email: