Getasew Amare

Full Name Getasew Mare Yirsaw 
Academic Rank Lecturer
Education Background
  • MSc. from Adama Science and Technology University (2011 to 2012 E.C).
  • BSc. From Adama Science and Technology University (2006 E.C to 2010 E.C).
Working Experience
  • Lecturer at Injibara University (23/02/2015 E.C to Present)
  • Lecturer at Arba Minch University (26/06/2013 E.C to 22/02/2015 E.C)
Research Interest
  • Analysis and design of foundation subjected to dynamic load
  • Deep foundation
  • Machine foundation
Publications Getasew Mare Yirsaw, Argaw Asha Ashango, “Numerical Study on Optimization of Piled Raft Foundation on Stratified Soil under Static Load”, Advances in Civil Engineering, vol. 2023, Article ID 4732353, 11 pages, 2023.
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