Horticulture has evolved from simple cultivation practices to a multidisciplinary science that encompasses plant biology, genetics, agronomy, soil science, and environmental stewardship. Today, horticulture continues to play a crucial role in providing food, medicine, ornamental plants, and ecosystem services to humanity. It also contributes to the development of sustainable and productive systems for growing fruits, vegetables, ornamental plants, and other horticultural crops. Therefore, to improve the production and productivity of those products the discipline called horticulture has emerged. Horticulture department was established in 2010 under the College of Agriculture, Food and Climate Sciences of Injbara University to produce qualified and competitive graduates, to carry out problem-solving research and to do important work for the community. In addition, it is working to expand programs in the field of teaching and learning, to increase the capacity of teachers, to increase the number of experienced teachers, to strengthen the laboratories and demonstrations of students, to maintain the quality of education, and so on. It was established in the same year that it provided academic services to 42 regular students. Currently, there are 13 second year and 14 third year students for a total of 27 regular students in this department. Since 2017 all staffs were actively engaged in seminar presentation (more than 3 presentations), and community service engagement (more than 7), research projects (more than 5 ongoing). The department was a role model in student support and initiation (all staffs), international scholarship program (1 staff win Italy scholarship), campus greening, community engagement and technology transferring. Nowadays, horticulture department has 12 staffs (3 PhD candidates and 9 lecturers) that provide regular undergraduate programs and facilitate preconditions to start the opened post graduate program.

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Zenebu Shewakena


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