Hydraulic and Water Resource Engineering

Department of Hydraulic and Water Resources Engineering program has been opened at Injibara University College of Engineering and Technology since 2022 G.C and it is one of the new departments in the University in serving the community and also improved the University’s reputation. The department has 2 active staffs (1 Associate professor and 1 MSc). The department aimed to excel in teaching, research, industry linkage and in producing competent graduates to solve the problems of the community, as a result the staffs involve in these activities in addition to the teaching learning.

This program provides a comprehensive understanding of the principles and applications of hydraulics, hydrology, water supply and water resources engineering. Students in this department will have acquired all the necessary skills and capabilities, which enable the degree holder to plan, study, design, build and manage systems that control and distribute water, including dams, reservoirs, irrigation systems, water treatment plants, and flood control structures.

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Chalachew Mulat Alemu


Tel: +251 918372632
Email: chalachew.mulat@inu.edu.et / mulatchalachew@gmail.com