Kassahun Azezew Ayidagn

Full Name        Kassahun Azezew Ayidagn
Academic Rank       Assistant professor
  Education Background
  • MSc. in computer Science and Engineering at Symbiosis Institute of Technology, India
  • BSc. in Computer Science at Jigjiga University,Ethiopia
          Working Experience
  • At Injibara University since 01/06/ 2015E.C. up to date.
  • Assistant professor at Mizan-Tepi University since 09/10/2014 E.C. up to 30/05/ 2015E.C.
  • V/Dean for academic and education quality affairs at Mizan-Tepi University Since 24/06/2013 E.C. up to 10/10/2014 E.C.  
  • Head Department of Computer Science at Mizan-Tepi University Since 27/09/2011 E.C. up to 24/06/2013 E.C.
  • Lecturer at Mizan-Tepi University since 09/10/2010 E.C. up to 08/10/2014 E.C. Study Leave since 20/11/2008 E.C. up to 08/10/2010 E.C.
  • Assistant Lecturer at Mizan-Tepi University Since 19/06/2008 E.C. up to 19/11/2008 E.C.
  • Graduate Assistant II at Mizan-Tepi University Since 18/06/2007 E.C. up to 19/11/2008 E.C.
Research interest
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cyber security
  • Potato Plant Leaf Diseases Identification Using Transfer Learning
  • Design and Develop Amharic Language Interface to Database
  • Image-based Tomato Disease Identification Using Convolutional Neural Network
  • Anyuak Language Named Entity Recognition Using Deep Learning Approach
  • Design of IoT-Based Improved Multimodal Ant Colony Optimızation (MM-ACO) Algorithm for Real-Time Applications
  • A modern approach for detection of leaf diseases using image processing and ML based SVM classifier 
  • Hybrid Fuzzy-Genetic Load Balancing Scheme for Cloud Computing
  • Filter based Feature Selection and Ensemble of Classifier for High Dimensional data: Comparative Study
  • Analysis of Feature Selection Algorithms and a Comparative study on Heterogeneous Classifier for High Dimensional Data
  • College of Engineering and Technology, Injibara University
  • Office:  New Building, Office No: 409
  • Tel: +251 910128978
  • Email: Kassahun.Azezew@inu.edu.et